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Top 5 Free Language Resources!!! All legal and legit.


          Hello everyone. I am going to share with you some free language learning resources which I found to be helpful and lesser known to the general public. I will exclude well known learning strategies such as Duolingo, Podcasts, YouTube channels and pirated material.


          The first site I recommend is They have free PDF files of grammar textbooks and novels in almost any language. It is an online public library. When learning to study a language I like to use it to get a rough base of the grammar rules. I am a grammarian nut so I love these texts. So type in your target language +grammmar.

Ex. Hindi

          Don’t let the dates of some of the texts fool you. I find the older the text the more concise they are.

2. Rosetta Stone Free Audio

          The second link I recommend is Rosetta Stones free MP3 audio companions. Say what you want about the software. Free mp3 files and listen and repeat exercises are great. To download the mp3 files use a computer or laptop (not phone). They even have Latin.

3. Library and Overdrive

          The third recommendation depends on your location but there are several public libraries that connect you to online books and textbooks and audiobooks. I have a library card and with it I signed up for Rakuten, Libby and Overdrive. Which are electronic libraries that have books and audiobooks you can rent out. They have apps so you can read and listen on your phone or tablet.


4. Librivox

          Fourthly, I recommend It is a nonprofit organization that has people who read well known books online. All the readers are volunteers and do it out of love for reading. You can download the recording and listen to them whenever and where ever you please.

          You can search by language and if you get the app you can even speed up or slow down the recordings.

          On that note one way you can increase your comprehension and pronunciation is to read a novel and listen to the audiobook recording at the same time. I do this quite often and I find it really helps immensely with my language speaking skills and helps you hear the cadence and rhythm of the language.

5. Wiktionary

We highly recommend this site for highly inflected languages with declensions and conjugations. Simply search the word and find its inflection. Ex. in Polish you can search samochód which means “car” and see all the cases and endings are as follows Just click the Declensions drop down arrow.

I wish you all good luck and happy learning.

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